GTA Roleplay Takeover

GTA Roleplay Takeover

Unless you've been under a rock, you've heard about GTA V RP (roleplay). The rules are as clear as real life, pick a role and run your in-game life accordingly. There are police officers, hotel emp...
TikTok Gaming Streaming

TikTok Gaming Streaming

With TikTok being the wild-west and organic growth driver that it is, it would only make natural sense to allow native streaming on the platform. Twitch has long been the 800 lb gorilla of the stre...
Advanced Warfare 2 (NEW COD 2021) - AltCustomsKeyboards

Advanced Warfare 2 (NEW COD 2021)

Will Sledgehammer Games make COD in 2021? All sources point that way. Advanced Warfare 2 - or - Modern Warfare 2 - or - World War 2 (pt 2.) So there is 3 ways this could go, both of which include t...
New Warzone Map - {{ gamingkeyboards }}

New Warzone Map

Activision teases new map with launch of a nuclear device. Jake here, my personal opinion and hunch is that "FireTeam Dirty Bomb" and Cold War's new zombies mode Outbreak is just a test run of the ...
Larry Fishburger joins #altfam - {{ gamingkeyboards }}

Larry Fishburger joins #altfam

2020 was a huge year for alt, but 2021 will just be bigger and better. This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have to announce. alt customs has been growing it’s partnership side of th...
want to join the #altfam? - {{ gamingkeyboards }}

want to join the #altfam?

hey everyone, jake here, wanted to share something pretty cool with everyone. our partnerships are opened up! we have spots open for people like yourself.  are you a content creator, streamer, tikt...
new alt customs website - {{ gamingkeyboards }}

new alt customs website

      mid 2020- we decided that we wanted to revamp our entire user experience.  our current platform wasn't cutting it - site downtime was becoming more of a hassle every single day.   a platform...
tanzer and tyla join the #altfam! - {{ gamingkeyboards }}

tanzer and tyla join the #altfam!

tanzer and tyla, tiktok megastars join alt customs!