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new alt customs website - {{ gamingkeyboards }}




mid 2020- we decided that we wanted to revamp our entire user experience. 

our current platform wasn't cutting it - site downtime was becoming more of a hassle every single day.


a platform switch was necessary, it was go-time! 



  • keyboard customizer load time increased, visually more appealing and now is more mobile friendly
  • overall site speed improvement
  • one-step checkout for ease of use
  • new affiliate program with more partner control and customization
  • tracking sent directly to users phone after purchase, can check location of keyboard on global map
  • new mobile optimized page layouts
  • language/currency change for those outside the united states
  • improved shipping calculations to help the user save more
  • improved order management to help us stay better updated with our customers


we are very excited for these changes and hope this makes a difference in your shopping experience with alt customs.


  • Aiden Soto

    Love your design on keyboard but does it come with a mouse

  • David

    What provider did you end up moving to? Lot of new and improved features mentioned sounds amazing! Hopefully it wasn’t too costly as I’ll soon be in the market for a new one myself.

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