tanzer and tyla join the #altfam!

tanzer and tyla join the #altfam! - {{ gamingkeyboards }}

2020 has been a huge year for creators utilizing the short video tiktok platform. tyla and tanzer have capitalized in the biggest of ways.

the fortnite trickshotting, gfuel downing couple have seen tremednous growth with a combined following of over 2million +. 

being the avid fortnite players they are, the partnership made perfect sense from the get-go. both have colorful personalities – and our custom boards made the perfect duo.


we couldn’t be more excited to extend our partnership for 2020. 


be sure to use code tyla or code tanzer at checkout. 🛒

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  • ryan

    i find ur content are ur gaming kind of cool and u guys made me like using alt custom

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