windows lock: FN + Windows keys at same time, to unlock repeat step

FN + 1 activates F1-F12 keys

FN + 2 activates

FN + 3 activates activates built in arrow keys ( right alt -> left arrow key)

FN + 4 activates activates WASD as ARROW keys

light effect mode switching
mode switch: press FN + Menu Key (key between alt and ctrl on bottom right of keyboard)

color switch: press FN + CTRL

direction/style switch: press FN + ALT

speed adjustment: press FN +O/P

keyboard not operating as intended?
try these steps, 99% of the time the issue can be fixed by following these.

1. press: FN + ESC keys at same time to factory reset

2. make sure you are using the correct mode i.e bluetooth or usb c

2. check whether the USB cable is connected to the computer properly

3. try to connect the keyboard to another usb port on the pc

4. try to restart the computer

5. if none of these steps help, try using the keyboard on another pc

System Requirements

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 + Mac/Android