TikTok Gaming Streaming

TikTok Gaming Streaming

With TikTok being the wild-west and organic growth driver that it is, it would only make natural sense to allow native streaming on the platform.

Twitch has long been the 800 lb gorilla of the streaming world, with competitors like mixer etc being shutdown - Youtube and Facebook remain as worthy competition. 

TikTok needs to enter the game... yesterday. Housing some of the largest gaming creators in the world, it would make total sense to add a desktop/mobile streaming option. 

Example: Your TikTok following may be 1.5 million, but no matter how hard you push your audience over to twitch, only 100 viewers follow. If you go live to tiktok, you may see 500-1000 or more. 

TikTok needs to offer their gamers more revenue share from streamer's broadcasts, as opposed to the 50/50 current twitch split.

Add subs, and custom interactive emotes - new ways to interact that only tiktok can provide. 

This would be massive for the gaming community, think of how easy it would be to clip and create content directly from tiktok's already easy to use video creator.

TikTok Gaming 2021?!

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