Xbox users jumping ship to PlayStation 5?!

Xbox users jumping ship to PlayStation 5?!

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We all know that PlayStation dominated the last generation of consoles. 

"The PS4 has sold 112.96 million units lifetime, the Switch 63.40 million units, and the Xbox One 48.22 million units." - VGChartz

The reason?! Exclusive Titles Baby! 

Crash Bandicoot, Call of Duty (Exclusive DLC License), god of war etc.


Xbox really dropped the ball on exclusive titles that drive the Xbox 360 to its heights.

This generation, it may be too late to recover. Reports are showing that PlayStation 5 is seeing a 20% user increase, most of which are making the switch from Xbox. Older generations are going back home to Sony, where they can play their favorite classic titles, reimagined for this generation. 

Despite Xbox being the more powerful console, PlayStation seems to lead the way.

How can this change? Would the addition of the Steam Platform make a major difference?

Maybe embrace KBM with exclusive Xbox/PC titles? What do you think? 

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