Rust is coming to console.

Rust is coming to console.

"Competitive survival game Rust will at last launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring, following a closed beta." - IGN

We are finally going to see Rust make its way to Xbox and Playstation! The game has seen a recent resurgence as large streamers are playing on joint servers. The community has been re-introduced to these style of games, such as GTA Roleplay and Rust. Think of COVID 19, when people want to feel like their normal selves. These roleplaying games are a relief and give the player the sense of some normalcy again. 

Popularity will most likely soar with rust being brought to console. There are recent reports that PlayStation is seeing a 20% gain in users with the release of the PS5. Some of which are switching back to PS5 from the Xbox Series. 

Will you be playing in the Rust beta this spring? 

Watch the trailer here:

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