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with over a decade in esports experience, saw a gap in the market and pounced.

it all started with running local call of duty tournaments back in 2011. our company, mes events grew to one of the largest grass-roots tournaments organizations in the country. we partnered with mlg for cod pro league sanctioned events - and even teamed up with epic games/ the coalition & microsoft for a pro gears of war tournament.

we had a passion for the space and wanted to become more involved in the product space.

some of the faculty worked at different gaming companies and gained vast experience across the organization, product and competition spaces. 

over the years, we couldn't help but notice a lack of customization options with pc peripherals. everything was either: black, white or sometimes... pink.

we set aim, loaded up and took our shot at making the pc space more customizable.


in house, we have some of the most caring staff in the industry. i've worked for many companies in the space and taken all i've learned and applied it directly in our day-to-day at alt customs.

jake bogert

owner, operator