Don't call it a comeback

The backstory

Hi, my name is Jake. I founded alt in 2019 but there is a lot to unpack here.

Back in 2013 I was competing in Call of Duty tournaments locally. The tournament host stopped running the events and I saw a gap to take on the pre-existing local tournament market. Plus, I was bored of not having something to compete in.

I hosted tournaments for a year but my venue (LAN Center) was closing down. I took out a loan and invested in gaming monitors, Xbox 360s and everything necessary to host cod events.

Shortly after, an up and coming controller company started to take root. They started to attend our events as a sponsor and then invested into the business becoming a 50% owner alongside myself.

The controller company, (Cinch Gaming) would hire me to work there for the next 6 years. I did everything from taking the trash out, to marketing, graphic design, website design, product development - you name it, I did it. This really helped hone in my skill-set.

I called myself the Jake of all trades.

Within this 6 year period, our tournament company (MES Events) would pickup contracts with MLG, The Coalition (Gears of War) and Microsoft. We hosted one of the largest pro-am events of 2015 at the largest hotel in Michigan. Total prize pool was over $25,000 and included the top pro teams at the time.

In 2019 I had an idea to start a keyboard company. I would leave Cinch Gaming in 2019 to pursue my new endeavor, Alt Customs. I hired a couple friends and we got to work.

In early 2020, Covid hit, and the in-person tournament scene was all but finished. We sold our equipment and called it quits.

I was now free to solely focus on Alt Customs, and boy did it pay off. The company grew rapidly from the get-go.

Within a few months, we went from running the company out of a spare bedroom in our house, to using up 3 rooms. It was getting really cramped, really fast. I looked for an office space locally, and signed on one within a couple hours. We finally had a space where we could creatively grow the business. We hired additional staff, mostly family members to run the day to day operations.

In early 2021, the owners of Cinch Gaming called me and asked if I was interested in buying the company. I was pretty shocked and thrown off guard. I had to save every cent and come up with the largest amount of cash I've ever spent.

Through the grace of God, we made it work.

We are now in a much larger office space with both Alt Customs and Cinch Gaming in one location. (was paying for 3 office leases at same time)

Our staff is very dedicated to the company and we continue to expand our offering. We now offer custom extra large mousepads and artisan keycaps. We make a lot of our product in office and are able to create a very unique and personalized product line to help you individualize your setup.

Looking forward, God is good.