Pokemon Trading 2021

first edition pokemon cards

Pokémon trading has been lifted to new heights. Cards can now rack you in tens of thousands of dollars, and box breaks over 1 million.


What brought on these large pokemon selling prices? Well, lets take a look at the past couple of years.


  • TikTok creates an entire new generation of media superstars. 
  • Pokemon GO releases, launching a whole new fan base who may have never played pokemon before.
  • Large creators jump in on card-collecting.

    Collectibles are making a huge comeback and are more popular than ever. Ever walk into a gamestop over the last few years? Half the store is now collectibles and gaming memorabilia/merch. With games going digital, we want physical representation of what we are into.

    Still have that pokemon card collection from when you were a kid? I'd check them out, and get the high rollers PSA rated ASAP. Who knows how long this will last, and how the value of cards will be affected.


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