Best OBS Streaming Settings

best obs twitch settings

Hey guys and gals, 

Jake from Alt Customs here. I've been in the stream game for quite a while and I've got some cool settings to share.

So now in 2021, we have a host of new tools that will help you optimize your streaming quality. 


  • Change Audio Bitrate to 320
  • Change Encoder to NVEC (New)
  • Change Video to 6000 Bitrate
  • Add Webcam Filter -> Add Filter -> Add LUT (Download by googling LUT, drastically improves webcam quality)
  • Use OBS instead of Streams Labs OBS, it's way less taxing on your CPU and GPU
  • Change FPS to 60 (will tax your system more however) 

    These are my preferred settings to make your quality t1. 

What's your streaming channel? 

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