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T1 Pro Gaming NEW


T1 Pro Gaming NEW - 100.00 (35888193634462)

letters red #9532 - 9.00 (35888272343198)

right side blue #9541 - 3.00 (35888625549470)

left side orange #9553 - 3.00 (35888789553310)

top pink #9564 - 4.00 (35888834248862)

most orders have a 3-7 business day processing time. during the holiday season, we are working on speeding this up so you may receive your gift for christmas.

covid-19 update: *orders shipping*

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we've been building the lightest, smallest - fastest keyboards for quite some time. it's time to match your setup.

shipping is fast and easy, just allow a few business days for processing. 


fast. small. deadly

60% size, 100% victory



prebuilt boards not your style? 

design your own.