alt partnerships

< who is the #altfam? >

the #altfam is a tight-knit group of gamers, content creators and tech enthusiasts who support each other across the board.

the #altfam is here to help you up your content creation game.

call of duty legend codcoach. (pictured)

want to join the #altfam?

we're always adding new creators to the #altfam - and you might be next. do you make content on tiktok, youtube, twitch, fb etc?


  • 🔗 5% off code to share with your community.
  • 💲 paypal commission for every sale
  • 📦 free alt keyboard at 5 keyboard sales.
  • 🏆 at 10 code usages, we review your account - if all looks well, we will promote you to #altpartner.
  • 🎁 occasional giveaways for your following


  • aspiring streamers + content creators
  • those looking to join an active community of upcoming talent helping to better each other + their content.


active positive community

all applications are reviewed on a daily basis, please be patient to allow time for account review.

if your application is denied, don't give up! try again down the road.

*we reserve the right to make exceptions*


  • 🔗 limited time upped % off code
  • 📦 free alt product + gear
  • 🌎 featured website spot
  • 💲 increased paypal commission for every sale
  • 🎁 dedicated giveaways for your following


  • established streamers + content creators with medium-large audiences
  • those looking to earn extra income on a monthly basis via stipend/larger commissions


any combination of the following

150,000 followers on tiktok
10,000 twitch/fb live followers
100,000 youtube subscribers

*we reserve the right to make exceptions*

To be accepted as an alt partner, you need to speak with one of our partnership managers!

how to move up to #altpartner

so you've been growing steadily and think you're ready for the jump? we'd love to hear from you.
contact any admin in our discord server

already accepted? 

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