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Worlds Biggest Cheat Operation Busted!

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Chinese police busted the worlds biggest cheat operation to date recently. 10 people related to the cheat operation were arrested and 17 cheats were found and destroyed. Roughly $76 million in revenue was made by the organization and the policed seized $46 million in assets, including several luxury cars. 

                                                                                                                    Ten people were arrested during a police raid in Kunshan, China

According to BBC, the cheat operation was called "Chicken Drumstick." They sold cheats for many games stretching from Overwatch to Call of Duty Mobile. The cheats were sold by subscription and the prices ranged from around $10 a day up to $200 a month. 

The more popular competitive player versus player games get the more popular cheating is going to get. "Cheating is literally ruining gaming, and large companies like Tencent know it" -Joe Tidy, BBC News. This latest operation bust shows just how serious these video game companies are taking this. 


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