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New Warzone Map

Activision teases new map with launch of a nuclear device. 

Jake here, my personal opinion and hunch is that "FireTeam Dirty Bomb" and Cold War's new zombies mode Outbreak is just a test run of the new Warzone Engine.

Since day 1, dirty bomb shared a load of mechanics and gameplay options with warzone. The new engine feels buttery smooth and takes a bit more of a colorful approach to the spectrum. 

Think of all the lore and classic locations like nuketown, summit and more that could be incorporated. I'd personally like to see some of the old school zombies maps included.

Warzone holds a special place in many gamer's hearts as it carried us through covid 19. We played non stop, just about every night for hours on end seeking that victory royale moment.

Some players I've talked too are skeptical, some optimistic for an engine change - and ultimately a new map change.


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God Bless, 


-Jake B.

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