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Bethesda, now Xbox Exclusive!?

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Microsoft has just purchased Zenimax (Parent Company of Bethesda) for 7.5 billion dollars!


What does this mean going forward? 


This means the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout title will be NOT be on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. This is a huge move by Microsoft and one they needed to make.

With over 2x the total consoles sold, Sony PlayStation is the winner of last generation's console wars.

This means that titles going forward, will ONLY be playable on PC and Xbox. These titles will most likely be Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games as Xbox is pushing this platform very hard as of late.

Just pay $14.95 per month for Xbox Live + Hundreds of classic and new Xbox games.

Will the games be changed?


Do you think Microsoft will stick their hand in the pot and start molding out their own changes? We sure hope not. One thing we know is, Skyrim is perfect, don't change anything!

What do you think of this purchase? 

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