Best PS5 Pro Controller

Best PS5 Pro Controller

Who makes the Best PS5 Controller? 


Scuf Gaming: No Offering

Cinch Gaming: Consistent Supply

Battle Beaver: Random Drops


If you want a Pro PS5 Controller now, there is only one place to grab one, Cinch Gaming. 


Additionally, under a blind test, 75% of gamers preferred rear buttons over paddles when competing.



Cinch's back buttons offer a rigidity not many others can match. They also Glow LED Colors. They feel very snappy and have instantaneous actuation. 10/10


The Cinch Grip is a bit stickier feeling, however it grips better than most. 8/10


Cinch Sticks offer both domes and concave options with varying heights. This is the most customization available currently anywhere. 10/10.


Check them out here:

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