Call of Duty Pro League to Switch to Keyboard and Mouse?

Call of Duty Pro League to Switch to Keyboard and Mouse?

Rumors are that the CDL will allow Keyboard and Mouse next year.

We all know that the professional Call of Duty scene is now on pc, after being played on console for the last decade. This year the platform change brings a lot of changes including an FOV slider, graphic settings and more. 

Controller vs Keyboard and Mouse

Controller: Aim Assist + Ease of Use

Keyboard and Mouse: Precision Aim + More Input, DPI etc.

The fanbase has got to be divided on this one. COD Pros have the controller experience and familiarity but warzone has brought a new wave of pc players to the game. If we see keyboard and mouse allowed in the league, will current players get swept under as pc players are more skilled? 

Will we see a ton of new players enter the league? Will current pros wipe the pc players, will this even change much at all? 

League Sponsors

If MnK is adopted, this could bring a massive host of new sponsors to teams, players and the league. Will endemic sponsors have a chance at first rights? 

We shall see. What do you think will happen if this change takes place? 


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