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Nintendo Switch Keyboard and Mouse?!

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Imagine this... you whip out your switch, load up valorant and you have your favorite keyboard and mouse in hand.

The switch's power can handle demanding titles at a lower resolution. If LoL, Valorant, CSGO, etc was ported over with KBM support, oh baby! 

Games like League of Legends would be absolutely playable at frame rates of 30fps - 60fps. Nintendo should make a USB C Dock that has multiple usb ports for a headset, Keyboard, Mouse etc. 

It'd be the ultimate gaming solution for those that want to play on the go and don't want to dish out $1k + on a gaming laptop. With Rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro on the way, the hardware may be totally capable.

Maybe it's far fetched, but the last few years have brought us crazier things.

Would you play pc games at a lower fps on a Nintendo Switch? I mean, Apex and Overwatch are here - why not Valorant? 

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