Activision files a lawsuit against a cheat provider

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Activision files a lawsuit against a cheat provider
If you've played Warzone, or any COD for that matter, over the past few months you've probably experienced or have heard all about the hackers taking over the scene. 

A lot of Call of Duty streamers have even tried to give up on the game, or switch to a new game in light of all the hacking. Activision introduced RICOCHET on December 15th, which was supposed to be an Anti-Cheat applied to the game. But most players haven't even noticed a difference.

In a lawsuit filed on January 4th, Activision went after EngineOwning. EngingOwning is one of the largest cheat providers for Call of Duty, but if you head to their website they also make cheats for Halo, Splitgate, and Battlefield! 

The lawsuit states that cheats have causes "millions of dollars" in damages. 

What do you think? Do you think this is a step in the right direction?
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