how to get a valorant beta code

the processes of getting a “valorant” closed beta code are easier than you may think:

  • sign up for a riot games account
  • sign up for a twitch account
  • link your riot account to your twitch account

when that’s done, pop some popcorn, because in order to get a “valorant” code, you have to watch streams of the game. the good news is that unlike at the launch of the beta, you can watch any streamer who is playing valorant, for a chance to get in the beta. when you get into the beta, you will receive a twitch notification in the top right corner of the screen.

valorant beta release

  • summer 2020

riot games have been very vague with the release date for “valorant,” but it’s expected to drop sometime in the summer of 2020 based on user feedback. 

what is valorant?

“valorant” is a free-to-play online multiplayer fps game currently in closed beta stage. 

the goal of Valorant is simple: use different agents on a 5-on-5 map, where the objective is to plant a bomb on the opponent’s territory. each team is awarded a point once the bomb is planted, and games are best of 25.

currently, only select regions of the world are able to play valorant, with the united states one.

what is the valorant error code 43?

error code 43 means that you have to restart your riot games client, and be patient, because it might not be a quick fix. as with all things new and exciting, there are always bugs to work out. riot games is in the process of working out the fixes for this in the meantime, so just hold on, because the fix is coming at some point.

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